One-On-One Optimum Lifestyle and Nutritional Health

General Nutrition/Wellness Counseling

Pam works one-on-one with children, teens, and adults to analyze each person’s current nutritional habits, lifestyle and overall health. She will set a course that will comfortably help each person make the changes that will help attain positive results. She will educate you regarding how to shop smarter, how to control portion sizes, and will give you healthy recipe and restaurant tips.  She will outline her recommendations for physical activity to combine with a healthy nutritional plan to assist you in your journey.

Nutrition Therapy For Medical Conditions

Pam specializes in caring for clients that experience diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease and digestive disorders. She will work with your physician and specialist with the data supplied and then educate  on how nutrition is related to the medical condition. Together with you, she will outline a path to reach realistic nutritional goals for improvement. Pam will develop customized grocery lists, recipes, snack ideas, meal plans, and healthy dining options to help guide each person to select meaningful food choices and attain their health and goals.

Pediatric and Adolescent Nutrition and Weight Management

Meeting together with parent(s) and child, Pam will evaluate each child’s eating habits and behaviors. She will customize a realistic meal plan that incorporates small changes in  daily food choices and physical fitness to help with weight guidance that will occur steadily and healthily. Learning proper portion sizes, keeping a food diary, and learning to focus on fullness are necessary behavioral tools in making lifestyle changes for better health.

Adult Weight Management

Pam will analyze each person’s current eating habits and physical activity level. She will educate each person about proper portion sizes, what to look for on a food label, and how to shop in the supermarket. In combination with this knowledge, Pam will design a realistic meal plan with new recipes and snack ideas that work. She will show each person how to keep a daily food and exercise diary and how that will help each person attain success. By teaching behavioral techniques, Pam will help create awareness for mindful eating. She looks forward to helping each person to enjoy life with a healthier lifestyle.

Kitchen Pantry Makeover

Get ready because Pam will raid your kitchen! After going through your refrigerator/pantry and kitchen equipment; She will evaluate and discuss your current food products. She will come up with alternative solutions to make healthy choices for meal times and snacks. Having the proper kitchen equipment is very helpful for cooking and baking. She will make suggestions of some favorite kitchen “must have” tools. And she will offer recipes and also teach each person how to take their favorite recipes and make them healthier.


Group Presentations for Optimum Lifetstyle and Nutritional Health

Presentations for Parents and Community Groups

There is so much confusing nutrition information available to consumers. Pam’s goal is to unbundle the confusion to help make it easier for you to understand how to make good food choices for your family. Whether discussing the importance of fiber, how to get our kids to eat more fruits and vegetables or simply ways to be more creative in the kitchen, Pam can help you to make meal time a healthy experience.

In-class Nutrition Lessons for schools

Having a degree in both communications and nutrition, public speaking about food is a specialty for Pam! With four children of her own, she understands how to engage children to make her food discussion fun! She always brings food models to get the children actively involved in lessons. There are endless talking points that children relate to because what child doesn’t like to talk about their favorite meals and snacks.

Supermarket Tours-Individual or Group

After reviewing the store layout, Pam will talk about shopping styles, meal planning, nutrition labels, ingredients and nutrient and health claims. Together, you will discuss the pros and cons of different food items, She will give recommendations as you go down each aisle. She will stop at different departments such as deli, meat, produce and discuss best cuts, what’s in season and how to shop economically and healthily for you and your family.